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  • What is Microblading?
    Microblading is a form of Semi Permanent Eyebrow makeup. A manual microblading handheld tool is used to implant pigment colour into the upper surface layer of the skin. Using this partiular technique of colour implantation, strokes are created to mimic real natural brow hairs. The results of the treatment are fuller and defined eyebrows which appear natural.
  • What is Microblading Shading (Combination Brows)
    Strokes are created using the Microblading techinique. Once completed shading is applied between the strokes in different areas of the brow i.e the base, middle and tail end of the brow. This is the perfect treatment for those wanting more defintiion than Mircoblading alone.
  • What is Ombre Brows?
    Ombre brows is where the front part of the brow is softer and lighter in colour. The same colour then graduates to a heavier appearance towards the mid and tail end of the brow. Ombre brows is good for covering up unwanted semi permanent makeup or giving a much stronger brow.
  • How long does the procedure take?
    Each treatment is done in two sessions. The second session must be undertaken 4 to 8 weeks following the initial treatment. The first treatment takes up to 2 hours and the second session takes up to 1 hour to perform.
  • How long does the results of the treatment last?
    The brow treatments offered are all semi permanent however depending on skin type the pigment can stay in the skin for up to 2 to 4 years. An annual top up is highly recommended every 12 months.
  • Do I need a patch test?
    It is essential you have a patach test at least 24 hours before your treatment. This is to check whether you have any allergies to the products used in the treatment. The patch test is sent by post by first class mail.
  • Does the procedure hurt?
    There may be some level of discomfort. A topical numbing cream is used before and during the treatment.
  • What happens during the consultation?
    During the consultation you will have an opportunity to discuss your eyebrow issues and requirements. We will discuss the procedure with you and get you to complete a consultation form to check your eligibilty for the treatment. Your completed form will be kept strictly confidential. We will also carry out a patch test on you to check for any allergies. The consultation is not strictly necessary as you can alternatively request for the patch test to be posted to you and the consultation form emailed to you to complete.
  • Is this procedure suitable for pregnant women?
    No, unfortunately pregnant or breastfeeding women cannot undergo the semi permanent eyebrow treatment. It is recommended that treatment should not be done for at least 12 months following giving birth.
  • What should I expect in the initial treatment?
    When you first come for your microblading treatment you willl be greeted and handed a medical history/consent form to complete. Your technician will discuss with you the treatment process and aftercare. You will have an opportunity to discuss your eyebrow needs and requirements. The eyebrow shape will be drawn on your brows and you will have an opportunity to look at the shape and confirm you're happy to proceed. Eyebrow colour will be discussed and shown to you before commencing the treatment. Numbing cream will be applied to your brows for 20 minutes before the treatment starts and during the course of the treatment. The eyebrow design will be created using the microblading tool to implant the pigment into the upper surface layer of the skin. After the brows have been been created the excess pigment will then be wiped away and mirror will be handed to you to look at your new brows. Aftercare cream will be applied to your brows and an aftercare information and product will be given to you following your treatment.
  • Is the Therapist carrying out the Semi Permanent Eyebrow Treatment fully Trained and Qualified?
    Lola is the Therapist who carries out all the Semi Permanent Eyebrow Treatments. She has trained with a number of highgly reputable training providers and is fully qualified in Semi Permanent Eyebrows. Lola has acquired several highly esteemed semi permanent eyebrow Certifcates over the years and is well equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to perform semi permanent brow treatments.
  • Does the business have Insurance and a License in place for carrying out Semi Permanent Eyebrow Treatments?
    Yes, we hold current Insurance and a License in place for carrying out Semi Permanent Eyebrow Treatments. We take our clients health and safety very seriously and as such we ensure the highest standards of hygeine, cleaniness and customer safety. Our insurance provider is ABT Inurance and our current Licence was granted and issued by our local authority following a thorough inspection of our premises and procedure practises.
  • Can I pay by instalments?
    Yes, you have the option of paying the full amount of £280 at your initial microblading session or alternatively you can pay £140 at you first session and £140 at your second session 4 to 8 weeks following your initial treatment.
  • How do I make payment?
    You can make payment by paypal or cash. Payment by paypal must be received before commencing the treatment.
  • Is a deposit required?
    Yes, in order to secure your booking a £50 deposit is required.
  • Where are you located and how do I get to you?
    Your treatment will be carried out at a private home studio in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. There is onsite parking available. Hatfield is easily accessible via the M25 and the A1. Alternatively, if you're taking public transport a train can be taken from Kingscross station to Hatfield station, which takes 25 minutes.
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